The Process

Your input is KEY to the cultural plan. We want to know what culture means to you, how you experience culture in your daily life, and how you think culture can help create a just, inclusive, equitable city. All kinds of tools and forums will enable ALL New Yorkers to make their voices heard–artists, arts institutions, local organizations, educators, funders, city agencies, elected officials and YOU! See below for the many ways that ALL New Yorkers can make their voices heard.

The Process 1. August - October 2016 Research & Discovery We’ll build on the huge amount of great work that has been done to date by arts organizations, advocates, academics and city agencies. Studies, reports and data Cultural plans and policies Map cultural assets Identify opportunities 2. October 2016-March 2017 Public Engagement We’ll meet you where you are, talk to you about what you care about and use your ideas to inform the plan. SHOW UP Workshops Focus Groups Events Ping Pong with the Commissioner SPEAK UP Question of the Week Office Hours with Commissioner Surveys Interviews STEP UP Host a Focus Group Become a Cultural Ambassador 3. March - June 2017 Draft Plan Combining research and your input we’ll share draft recommendations with the public. Your feedback will be crucial here! Public Workshops Focus Groups Online 4. July 2017 CREATENYC Final Plan The final plan will bring it ALL together in one place— a roadmap for the future of NYC arts and culture!