Moving Forward

CreateNYC is a call to action, an opportunity for everyone with a stake in the city’s cultural life—and that means everyone—to work together to ensure that New York continues to be a leader of arts and culture both nationally and internationally.

Citizen’s Advisory Committee

From the beginning, CreateNYC has been conceived of as a document that would have a real influence on policy direction and advocacy efforts, with milestones established to review progress and evaluate implementation.

The Cultural Plan Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC)–whose members were appointed by the Mayor, the City Council Speaker, and Borough Presidents–was established at the start of the planning process. They were charged with assisting in gathering community input and advising the development of CreateNYC. They will continue to be engaged in the implementation process, alongside the Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission.

tracking progress

In order to ensure that the goals set out in CreateNYC are met, a set of key indicators will be established over the course of the first year that will track progress toward the plan’s goals.

The indicators will be both quantitative and qualitative and designed to do four things:

  1. Establish clear benchmarks and milestones that measure progress toward CreateNYC objectives;
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of CreateNYC strategies;
  3. Ensure CreateNYC principles and visions withstand political, economic, and other long term changes in the landscape; and
  4. Maintain transparent dialogue with the public now and in the long term.

role of new yorkers

The best way to work toward these goals is to STAY ENGAGED in the following ways:

SHOW UP at Office Hours with the Commissioner, starting up again in Autumn 2017. Office hours – which connected residents with Cultural Affairs leadership to discuss issues that mattered most to them – will continue.

READ regular updates on plan implementation; the first of which will be published in early 2018.

Once the plan is released PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT will be essential to developing more specific indicators.

SPEAK UP through website and social media using #CreateNYC. Share your thoughts about the plan and its ongoing implementation.

Most importantly, CONTINUING CONVERSATIONS among friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors can ensure that the coalitions brought together by CreateNYC continue to push our cultural community forward.

“Our unmatched cultural diversity can be seen everywhere you look – on sidewalks, in storefronts, and in our museums, theaters, and parks. We are proud to be known as the world capital of arts and culture, and if we are going to continue to live up to that title, we must use every available tool, including our extraordinary network of private, civic, and public partners, to ensure that every resident, in every neighborhood, has the same access to cultural opportunities.”
– Bill de Blasio, Mayor