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The Corona East Elmhurst Historic Preservation Society looks forward to Create NYC identifying, embracing and assisting ours and like societies in preserving, promoting and protecting the rich foundational cultures with all community residents.
facilitate the creation of real affordable live-work housing built by artists for artists
facilitate the creation of real affordable live-work housing built by artists for artists
South Street Seaport Museum embodies the spirit of our forefathers - freedom, independence, commerce, equality - spirit that built our city, state, and country. It must be preserved!
The sea and maritime trade were an essential part of of New York Citys history, as well of course as immigration. It is essential to preserve and showcase this heritage.
I have been going to the South Street Seaport Museum for many years. I believe that historical places should be valued and saved. The sea is an integral part of NYCs history and should be preserved.
The South Street Seaport is one of the most special places in the city. The history and culture should be preserved.
Create a legal definition of 'cultural districts' that actually defends cultural institutions from being displaced, e.g. zoning, property tax, or other protections
South Street Seaport Museum
South Street Seaport should be preserved and restored as a living embodiment of New York's maritime cultural heritage.
The marine character and history of the South Street Seaport and its wonderful museum must be preserved! Tall ships, YES!
%Art updated local laws - To cultivate the city's public art applicant pools, require DDC to post opportunities, active and completed projects on its website and provide resources for artists to learn and apply for commissions.
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