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The Corona East Elmhurst Historic Preservation Society looks forward to Create NYC identifying, embracing and assisting ours and like societies in preserving, promoting and protecting the rich foundational cultures with all community residents.
facilitate the creation of real affordable live-work housing built by artists for artists
facilitate the creation of real affordable live-work housing built by artists for artists
South Street Seaport Museum embodies the spirit of our forefathers - freedom, independence, commerce, equality - spirit that built our city, state, and country. It must be preserved!
The sea and maritime trade were an essential part of of New York Citys history, as well of course as immigration. It is essential to preserve and showcase this heritage.
I have been going to the South Street Seaport Museum for many years. I believe that historical places should be valued and saved. The sea is an integral part of NYCs history and should be preserved.
The South Street Seaport is one of the most special places in the city. The history and culture should be preserved.
Create a legal definition of 'cultural districts' that actually defends cultural institutions from being displaced, e.g. zoning, property tax, or other protections
South Street Seaport Museum
South Street Seaport should be preserved and restored as a living embodiment of New York's maritime cultural heritage.
The marine character and history of the South Street Seaport and its wonderful museum must be preserved! Tall ships, YES!
%Art updated local laws - To cultivate the city's public art applicant pools, require DDC to post opportunities, active and completed projects on its website and provide resources for artists to learn and apply for commissions.
%Art - there is an opportunity to update the outdated implementation guidelines with the new changes with the local laws.
Americans for the Arts, Public Art Network has regional chapters. Surprisingly with the wealth of private, public, non-profits and individuals, NYC public arts has not formed a group.
We have a concentration of top Art and Design Colleges in NYC but strangely enough they are also amongst the most expensive schools in the USA. A real access issue which saddens me greatly.
It was exciting to see arts and private development in the survey. I believe the City of Calgary incorporates %Art in their planning... if developers incorporate public art they get extra square footage.
I'm inspired by Naturally Occurring Creative Districts. As a civil servant PoC with a BFA, would be great to do a similar exercise with city agencies to recognize under utilized natural allies to help amplify arts
Privileging 'artists' in affordable housing development often ends up aiding the already advantaged and taking units from the truly disadvantaged. Almost everyone contributes to the culture of NYC, not just capital 'a' Artists
Lacking historic preservation that will help retain and teach about NYC history, neighborhood character
"Neighborhood Character" should also include, to maintain and engage the history of neighborhoods and historic preservation to retain neighborhood character and history.
Many of the poll options seem to involve creating new DCLA services or programs. I think it would be more effective to pass more money directly to grantees.
NYC deserves strong historical preservation in neighborhoods like Elmhurst, Queens. This plan lacks the critical need to include awareness, education and meaningful engagement of NYers with our city's rich cultural history and architecture.
While the preliminary affordability recommendations are a decent start, more needs to be done to support organizations that are already working to provide affordable – or free – workspace to artists of all disciplines, genres and career stages.
What is missing is that NYC
Preserve the historical homes of Queens, which are being torn down and replaced by McMansions (boo!).
These polls are not accessible to blind & visually impaired people using Internet Explorer or Safari with common screenreaders Jaws & VoiceOver: example of how blind & visually impaired people struggle to have a voice. We are artists & writers too!
Can black people get FUNDED FOR ONCE PLEASE. OUR NEIGHBORHOODS HAVE NOTHING CULTURALLY REWARDING WHATSOEVER, not even 1 gallary nor events and thats just an injustice that we are ignored. We have the ideas and just begging to be given a chance, thanx
We definitely need more creative art programs in school. I believe bringing in working artist to teach would be helpful. In addition Staten Island artist need more recognition.
More capital funding and grants need to allocated to cultural institutions and living artists in Staten Island! Staten Island seems to be the forgotten borough again.
Preserve the historical value of Elmhurst and surrounding areas in Queens. Elmhurst and Queens are rich in culture currently and bygone eras. The historical homes and institutions must be preserved!
Overall, in my opinion, the most important issues are arts education in the schools and affordability for artists and communities.
Overall, in my opinion, the most important issues are arts education in the schools and affordability for artists and communities.
Scouring this poll for where to weigh in on the influence of real estate industry. Looking for hard measures to counter displacement. Who is getting the big contracts?
A huge issue for independent artists and cultural workers is affordable health insurance. This needs to be a major part of the conversation.
Science is rightly included in many of the proposal headings, as science, environmental, and history programming/education are key cultural assets, but these areas are missing from the specific (numbered) proposals, which focus narrowly on art.
Some proposals are vague or weak- "considering" or "exploring" changes. It will be hard to hold the DCLA accountable with this kind of language built in.
The City must use its considerable financial leverage to ensure that artists can make a living in NYC. Require publicly supported orgs.
Prioritize building and strengthening networks of arts organizations, artists, and other cultural stakeholders. Incentivize the success of these networks.
More specific timelines and outcomes. Like health in all policies, can we have culture in all policies across agencies?
More direct funding for small organizations with limited budget. Revamping of the application process so truly under funded organizations have a chance at funding.
I think there needs to be some differentiation or definition of "cultural institution." It seemed to be interchangeable in the survey. Plus, the artists needs are different from organizations. Who are we really addressing here? Who is the priority?
Increase arts programs for incarcerated populations.
Encourage New Yorkers to have more meaningful conversations in public spaces such as parks and POPS, as we have been doing through our pro bono voluntary organization, Conversations New York (
Start an after school enrichment program in libraries for K-12 to learn to make iOS apps for iPhones and iPads.
Start an after school enrichment program in libraries for K-12 to learn to make iOS apps for iPhones and iPads.
Limit ratio of exec raises to rank&file raises & to same % raise for program services
Financial transparency, accountability, board modelling exemplary fiduciary duty, ban ALL insider deals
Is there a way to download all the recommendations at once to review them as a group?
more space to make things, use tools, learn crafts
more space to make things, use tools, learn crafts
Please post the draft plan so that it can be viewed. It is 3:30pm on May 15 and still not up on the website.