How to be a CreateNYC ambassador

The CreateNYC cultural plan is a great opportunity to talk to your friends and neighbors about why arts and culture are so important to our city, and discuss mechanisms to expand access to arts and culture resources to all New Yorkers. Community engagement and broad participation by all New Yorkers is key to the success of the plan and we encourage you to serve as a Cultural Ambassador in your community. Let us know if you’re interested in being a CreateNYC Ambassador.

Download the CreateNYC Ambassador Tip Sheet

BE A CREATENYC AMBASSADOR! Start a CreateNYC conversation in your community. You can represent your neighborhood in the cultural plan process and  make sure your voice is heard by: Talking to your neighbors, friends, parents, youth group Organizing a conversation with your PTA  Interviewing your fellow classmates. Host your own community conversation using a  Cultural Plan Toolkit or start with these four questions. Click here to request a toolkit. 1. Culture creates New York City. And culture is many things. History, Food, Murals, Dance, Quilts, Museums, Dominoes, Music, Libraries, Poetry, Art, Fashion, Drum Circles, Block Parties. What are the first three things that come to mind when you think about arts and culture? In your life? Neighborhood? Borough? NYC? 2. Thinking about arts and culture throughout New York City, how might you finish the following sentences?  • In my neighborhood, I am concerned about… • In my neighborhood, I am excited about… • I imagine arts and culture can address my concerns by… • I imagine arts and culture can contribute to my excitement by…  3. In 10 words or less, how would you describe the current state of arts and culture in your community? And your ideal state of arts and culture in your community? • How can these ideas incorporate the arts into this part of the neighborhood and in the future of our community? • How might we prepare local residents to create their own public art or cultural events for the neighborhood?  4. If you were in charge of the budget for arts and culture in NYC, what is the one thing you would spend money on?